Our History

RE Maher Inc. was started in February 1997 by Rod Maher. Rod began as a Cement Mason in the trades in 1983. Following in the family footsteps of his father (Jack) and brother (Rick), Rod took the Contractor’s license test in 1987, and was awarded his license from that test. Rod worked for his father from 1983 through 1986, and then was an officer in his brothers Company from 1987 through January 1997. The current Company was started after Rod left to form his own brand and identity as President and founder of R.E. Maher Inc. R.E. Maher Inc. is going strong today, even after the Country’s most devastating economic down turn since the Great Depression.

Bay Trail in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Exceptional Quality Workmanship

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to be ready and able to provide exceptional quality workmanship, for a fair price, and be ready to hit schedules of any requirements of our clients. Our simple goal on all of our jobs is to make our clients look good!

A Word from Rod Maher

I am so proud of my Company and what it has been able to achieve during our years in business. The Company was started off with 5 guys (including myself), and has grown many fold throughout the years. I still look forward to coming into work each day, and my favorite part of my day is to check jobs in the field. Clients can still expect to see me on their jobsites often, as I try to visit as many of the sites as I can. My philosophy has always been a “door is always open” method of communication with clients, salespeople, Owners and architects at any time of day. It is so important in our digital age to keep verbal lines of communication open, as opposed to today’s method of E Mailing back and forth. It is with great pride that we do our work for our clients, and RE Maher Inc. stands ready to help out on any of your concrete construction needs.

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We appreciate your interest in contacting us and look forward to hearing from you. Our team provides the best service and support to our customers and will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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